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Sun protection: Baby Banz and UV Blanket

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Sun protection: Baby Banz and UV Blanket

A few weeks ago, we went to Sandy Point, a beach on the Chesapeake Bay. It was fun and really felt like summer. But it also revealed that Baby O needed some gear for avoiding sun. When we got home I bought him some Baby Banz sunglasses.

And a super light UV Blanket.

I also like the Halo Technical Comfort System, but the coveralls seemed too hot when we were at the beach.

These served us well on the trip. Although O seemed to close his eyes when we put the Baby Banz on… maybe they’ll be more handy as he gets older.

We did use some sunscreen in Tahoe— Apparently the general rule is that babies should be kept out of the sun, but if exposure is unavoidable they need non-penetrating sunblock like California Baby.

Do you have other sun protection favorites for babies?

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