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Food– the sorrow, the joy!

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Food– the sorrow, the joy!






This photo is not connected to the post, but we all know you come here to see O!




Food has been on my mind lately. The bad news– Oliver is allergic to peanuts. Which is kind of a big deal– as in no Thai restaurants, hassles at ice cream parlors and  on airplanes to avoid inadvertent exposure, memorizing a list of ingredient names (beer nuts, nut pieces) that may be peanuts, a lifetime of label reading, and asking questions, and teaching him when he’s older that he can’t take food from friends unless he KNOWS there is no chance of peanuts. Oh and traveling with an epipen in case he has an attack. Yeah. Scary. It will involve planning and paranoia. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it– but it’s a 1 in 5 chance.

Apparently in the last decade the instances of peanut allergies have DOUBLED among kids. It seems like something is up. Nobody really knows what. As my co-worker (whose son also has a peanut allergy) said about allergists, “Sometimes they seem a step above witchdoctors– they know what you react to and maybe how to treat it, but don’t ever know what is actually going on.” Don’t get me started on our bad experience with the allergist…. But besides a bad night mourning it all, I actually feel pretty peaceful about the whole allergy thing.
But on the upside of food, look at this beautiful soft boiled egg that I bought at Field to City Bodega FKA Timor Bodega, a couple of blocks from our apartment. The eggs are from a local farm, Polyface, a family farm with a motto that says “We are in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture. ”

The combination of the beautiful egg (hurray) and the peanut allergy (boo) makes me take more seriously the obligation and opportunity to be mindful of what we eat.


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