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Why attend?

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Why attend?

We’re overwhelmed with job and family responsibility, just like you. We know that it’s a sacrifice to add another event to your schedule. And analyzing your marriage in a church meeting may not sound very appealing.
Our goal is to make this fun. To provide an opportunity to invest in your marriage. Like a date night, it’ll carve out time to be with your spouse, spark conversation that draws you together, and give you skills to really enjoy one of the most precious things in your life: Your relationship. And it’s free.
There may even be food! Please join us.
Does that sound like a sales pitch? It is! Mainly because we want people to come (it’ll be sad to be talking to empty chairs) and because investing in your self and in your marriage will increase your happiness and draw you closer to our Heavenly Parents. That will make the world a better place one couple at a time.
Guess what, writing this makes me feel pretty vulnerable. What if no one shows up? Can I really facilitate a class on marriage when our marriage is far from perfect? (We may or may not have just had a fight over a new bedspread).
We’ll show up as real, imperfect, but striving people, with a high quality manual for discussion and skills building.
These are the guidelines from the manual that will help us create a safe space for learning together.
Confidentiality. Personal information shared in the class remains in the class.
Brevity. Comments from participants should be brief.
Balance. Participants may speak as often as they wish as long as they allow other participants to have an equal opportunity.
Patience and kindness. Individuals will need time to learn and integrate new skills. Participants should be patient and kind with each other and with themselves.
Encouragement. Participants should encourage each other as they apply course information in their lives.
Forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, even after being taught new ways of doing things. Each class member needs to understand the importance of forgiving oneself and other

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