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Love and Laughter

Why attend?

We’re overwhelmed with job and family responsibility, just like you. We know that it’s a sacrifice to add another event to your schedule. And analyzing your marriage in a church meeting may not sound very appealing. Our goal is to make this fun. To provide an opportunity to invest in your marriage. Like a date night, it’ll […]


Why do we call it “Love and Laughter”? The Love part is pretty self explanatory–marriage is about love, right. But laughter? The struggles in marriage (both as an institution and in our individual lives) are real, and no laughing matter.  But as we started to prepare for this class,  Elder Joseph Wirthlin’s (a former LDS Apostle) […]

The Lunts

The Lunts

Hi! My name is Robin.  Scott and I will be facilitating the Strengthening Marriage Relationship Class. We’ve dubbed it Love and Laughter, because the other one sounds a bit clinical and we’re not therapists. Scott works for himself doing corporate and documentary film making. I am an attorney for an early stage energy technology company. […]